Babby Hasmayni(1*),

(1) Universitas Medan Area
(*) Corresponding Author


This Research aim to know the relation of dating violence with the psychological impact felt
adolescent. Dating Violence is all kind of action having enforcing element, pressure, mutilation,
and worthless of physical and also psychological that happened in relation dating. Affect the
physical can in the form of contusion broken bone, while psychical impact can in the form of
stress, depression , solitude, abundant dread (Herman, 2008). This research population is all
student of SMA Tugama owning girlfriend amount to 32 people consisted of by 11 men and 21
women. The collects of sample used by technique of snowball sampling. Snowball sampling is
primeval determination sample technique of its amount is small, big later then. In determination
sample, is first of all selected by one or two people, later then this two people is ordered to
chosen its friends to be made by sample. So further, so that sum up the sample of more and
more ( Sugiono, 2004). The data of both variable are collected by rating scale. There are
psychological conditions and dating violence scale. Pursuant to result of calculation of
correlation of r Product Moment known by that there is relation which are positive between
dating violence to psychological condition of student in SMA Tugama with the value of
coefficient rxy = 0,888 ; p < 0, 05. Thereby research hypothesis accepted. Besides determinant
coefficient (r2) from relation of above is equal to r2 = 0, 789. This matter indicate that the
dating violence influence the psychological condition of student equal to 78,9 persent.

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