Syofie Syofie(1*),

(1) UIN SU
(*) Corresponding Author


In general overview Indonesian society is a pluralistic society, the diversity
compound. This situation is characteristic and unique identity of this country.
Indonesian society is made up of various ethnic groups including ethnic Chinese
in Indonesia's ethnic diversity complements culture alive and thriving today.
This article provides an overview of the diversity of Indonesian society that
diversity can be a negative impact on the integrity of the nation. This writing
approach is supported by the literature related to the law, observing the
phenomena of conflict in the community, and the study of the documentation
related data.
The study found that diversity can be a strong capital for social resilience of
national politics, but this requires considerable attention from the government
and stakeholders, religious authority and their organization, traditional leaders
and others. If the development of harmony ignored then it will cause a little
more friction to the social conflict, the settlement if it is not resolved by the
legal umbrella is feared to affect the integrity of the Unitary Republic of
Indonesia (Republic of Indonesia).


Conflict, Community, Sanctions

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.31289/jiph.v1i2.1852

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