Jurnal Universitas Medan Area

Jurnal Universitas Medan Area


ISSN 2085-0328 (Print)

PERSPEKTIF, publish by Universitas Medan Area, for information and communication resources for academics, and observers of Governance Sciences, Social Sciences, Political Sciences, Methodology of Social Sciences and Social Work. The published paper is the result of research, reflection, and actual critical study with respect to the themes of governance, social, and political science. All papers are peer-reviewed by at least two referees. The scope of PERSPEKTIF is the Science of Government, Social and Politics. Published twice a year (January and July) and first published for print edition in January 2012.

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Publikauma : Jurnal Administrasi Publik Universitas Medan Area

ISSN 2549-9165 (Print) ISSN 2580-2011 (Online)

PUBLIKAUMA is a Journal of Public Administration Program of University of Medan Area that accommodates the communication media of academics, observers and observers of public administration science and public policy. The articles that go to the editors are the result of research, reflection, and actual critical study with regard to the themes of the science of administration and public policy. Start printing in 2013 twice a year (for issue 1 in June and for issue 2 in December)

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