Design of Parking Control Using Ultrasonic Sensor Based On Fuzzy Logic

Insidini Fawwaz(1*), Fadhillah Azmi(2), Muhathir Muhathir(3), N P Dharshinni(4),

(1) Universitas Prima Indonesia
(2) Universitas Prima Indonesia
(3) Universitas Medan Area
(4) Universitas Prima Indonesia
(*) Corresponding Author


The number of vehicles in Indonesia is currently increasing, which is not matched by the availability of parking lots, especially cars. Like in public places, namely, offices, shops, and other public places. However, in Indonesia the use of parking lots is still less organized, such as too close the position of one car to another, the position of the vehicle that is not in line with the slot, this can cause inconvenience in the use of parking lots or both parties. Supervision carried out by the manager of the parking lot is still lacking because it can be caused by the vast parking area and the number of supervised vehicles, so that a parking control system is needed that can help overcome this problem. The control system to be designed uses a proximity sensor to detect the proximity of the vehicle to one another, where the position of the vehicle has been determined, not only to detect proximity, but the number of vehicles that have entered the parking area, so parking users know whether the slot provided is still available or not. To detect distance, fuzzy logic method is applied. Fuzzy methods are applied to read the conditions received by the proximity sensor, and calculate the number of vehicles using infra red and photodiode sensors. If information from the proximity sensor that is processed in the microcontroller by fuzzy logic is detected, the output is in the form of an LED indicator and alarm warning.


Parkir, Ultrasonik, Infra Red, Photodiode, Logika Fuzzy

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