2549-6298(Online)||2549-628X(Print) JESCE (Journal of Electrical and System Control Engineering) is a official scientific journal of the Electrical Engineering, Universitas Medan Area, which presents the results of research in the fields of energy, electronics, control systems, and telecommunications. The focus and scope in this journal include :
  • Energy: Transmission and distribution, Electric Power Generation, Power Electronics, high voltage, electrical energy conversion, power electronics and drive, Power Quality, Power Economic, FACTS, renewable energy, smart grid, electromagnetic compatibility, electrical engineering materials (conductors, superconducors, dielectrics and magnetics),  lightning detection and protection, power system analysis, power system protection, SCADA, and electrical measurements
  • Electronics: microelectronic system, electronic materials (semiconductors and optics), design and implementation of application specific integrated circuits (ASIC), system-on-a-chip (SoC) and electronic instrumentation using CAD tools, and sensors
  • Control system:  control Theory, applied control,  system design, optimization, process control, and sensor.
  • Telecommunication:Antenna and wave propagation, network and systems, modulation and signal processing, radio communication, radar imaging, microwave, wireless and mobile communication, signal processing, image processing, voice processing, and security network
The printing ISSN number is 2549-628X and the electronic ISSN is 2549-6298. The Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is The first edition was August 2017 which publish in February and August. The manuscript can be written in Indonesian or English. JESCE is indexed by :

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Vol 5, No 1 (2021): Journal of Electrical and System Control Engineering

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Rimbawati Rimbawati, Cholish Cholish, Eko Saputro, Abdullah Abdullah
Nugraeni Kholifaturrofiah, Gelar Budiman, Syamsul Rizal
Liyana Faiza, Suryo Adhi Wibowo, Gelar Budiman
Purnama Helena Hutabarat, Mhd Fitra Zambak
Muhammad Hafiz Rizki, Muhammad Safri, Indra Roza