Face Recognition based Feature Extraction using Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

Muhammad Zulfahmi Nasution


The human face is an entity that has semantic features. Face detection is the first step before face recognition. Face recognition technique is an identification process based on facial features. One feature extraction approach for facial recognition techniques is the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) method. The PCA method is used to simplify facial features and characteristics in order to obtain proportions that are able to represent the characteristics of the original face. The purpose of this research is to construct facial patterns stored in a digital image database. The process of pattern construction and face recognition starts from objects in the form of face images, side detection, pattern construction until it can determine the similarity of face patterns to proceed as face recognition. In this research, a program has been designed to test some samples of face data stored in a digital image database so that it can provide a similarity in the face patterns being observed and its introduction using PCA


Feature Extraction, Feature Reduction, PCA, Face Pattern, Face Recognition.

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