Motion Monitoring System Based on IoT

Susilawati Susilawati, Zulfikar Sembiring, Muhathir Muhathir


Every object is always moving, and movement of an object can occur at any time. The value of the motion which produced from an object can be very small to very large, and the impact of the movement can be at risk until very risky. For this reason, the movement of objects at risk must be observed whenever changes and observations for data retrieval can be done remotely. The purpose of this research to design an Internet of Things (IoT) devices that can observe and detect changes in the motion of an object.  The device is designed to be small, around 44 x 48 millimeters with very low power consumption. The design phase begins with recording motion data using the MPU6050 accelerometer sensor as a motion detector, arduino nano as a control device, WiFi ESP8266 as a communication medium for sending data from a receiver apllication motion data with UDP protocol. The test results show that this device is very sensitive to detect changes in the motion and angle of X, Y and Z of an object.


Motion, Internet of Things, IoT, ESP8266, MPU-6050

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