Input Parameters Comparison on NARX Neural Network to Increase the Accuracy of Stock Prediction


  • Ignatius Wiseto Prasetyo Agung Universitas Adhirajasa Reswara Sanjaya (ARS University)



Stock Prediction, Neural Network, NARX, Technical Indicator


The trading of stocks is one of the activities carried out all over the world. To make the most profit, analysis is required, so the trader could determine whether to buy or sell stocks at the right moment and at the right price. Traditionally, technical analysis which is mathematically processed based on historical price data can be used. Parallel to technological development, the analysis of stock price and its forecasting can also be accomplished by using computer algorithms e.g. machine learning. In this study, Nonlinear Auto Regressive network with eXogenous inputs (NARX) neural network simulations were performed to predict the stock index prices. Experiments were implemented using various configurations of input parameters consisting of Open, High, Low, Closed prices in conjunction with several technical indicators for maximum accuracy. The simulations were carried out by using stock index data sets namely JKSE (Indonesia Jakarta index) and N225 (Japan Nikkei index). This work showed that the best input configurations can predict the future 13 days Close prices with 0.016 and 0.064 mean absolute error (MAE) for JKSE and N225 respectively. 


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