About the Journal

Focus and Scope

The JMEMME journal publishes articles related to the field of mechanical engineering, including:

  • Manufacturing : Manufacturing is a field of engineering that studies the process of making a product starting from the design process, production process, quality control process, metrology, Mechatronics, Industrial automation, and product optimization.
  • Material Engineering: discusses the strength of materials, the process of forming a material, material processing, Material Innovation, ferrous and non-ferrous materials, Non-Metal Materials, Nano Technology, Destructive Test and NDT, Structural analysis such as mechanical vibration and kinematics, and Analysis of Damage Patterns .
  • Energy Conversion: is discussing energy and its changes from one form to another, energy transfer in the form of heat and the temperature distribution that occurs, systems or mechanics that work based on the basic principles of thermodynamics used to produce work in the form of motion, fluid analysis in a static state (stationary) and dynamic (moving), the flow of gases around solid objects, and the flow of liquids around solid objects.

Starting in January 2024, all articles to be submitted to the JMEMME journal must be written in English with the best academic tone, clarity and grammar.

Peer Review Process

The number of articles published in the JMEMME journal in each edition is a maximum of 10 articles. Every article that has been submitted to the JMEMME journal will be checked for originality by the editor using semi-premium tools, after that, it will be forwarded to the reviewer. An article will be reviewed by a reviewer (Mitra Bestari). The time required to carry out both the editor and reviewer review process is a maximum of 6 weeks. The review process is carried out with a Double-Blind Peer-Review. However, incoming articles will not be processed immediately because they are waiting for their turn to review the 10 articles that have already been submitted. Notification will be sent via email to the author regarding the start of the review process.